AnyWorld offers teacher training sessions to help educators learn to code in Scratch and Python. These sessions break down the coding process into small, accessible chunks. To read some of the feedback from our teacher training sessions, please go to the Testimonials page

Starting with the visual programing language Scratch, the training helps teachers build their knowledge before moving on to more complex programs in the Python language.

Each teacher training event comes with a booklet ‘Learning to Code from Scratch (and Python)’ to take away, along with exercises, ideas and tips that are directly applicable to the classroom.

Anyworld can also offer student workshops both in the classroom and through after-school clubs.

These workshops guide students through the steps of learning to code using Scratch, Python and Javaccript (according to age and ability). The sessions can include all the necessary kit to transform your classroom into an IT suite for a day or half day.

As part of our range of events and workshops we offer the Rainbow Revision exam preparation process. This system uses confidence building, motivational and memory techniques to take the fear out of examinations.

The sessions guide students through a three-step process to help them better understand what examiners are looking for and target their efforts in the most effective way.

Two-to-three sessions are recommended, although one can have a measurable impact on exam results. Each student is given a copy of the Rainbow Revision e-book for reference following the first session.