Most people don’t relish the prospect of exams, and for the under prepared they can be an unpredictable nightmare.

The Rainbow Revision book teaches students the two things they need to learn and three things they need to do to pass any written exam.

Using the guide teaches students how to focus their revision sessions with precision on the most important parts of the syllabus.

Rainbow Revision sessions are interactive workshops that use confidence building, motivational and memory techniques, combined with a thorough analysis of past papers, to help students perform at their best on the day.

These sessions teach students the process that will help them with revision across most written subjects.

Two-to-three sessions are recommended, although one can have a measurable impact on exam results.

Each student is given a copy of the Rainbow Revision e-book for reference as part of the first session.

Here are some words form students who have undergone the Rainbow Revision process:

“The tutorial based on the book ‘Rainbow Revision’ (written by Stuart Ayres) was a fantastic ‘How to’ guide on revision, going into detail about methods and time schedules. The tutorial was made up of different parts, one of which  was hand  applying the new revision method explained to us to our own course. I swiftly named the tutorial ‘How to Think!’ after sudden realisation that the new revision technique was much more in depth than everything I had encountered before. The tutorial went into detail about how we learn and how we recall information (going from perception to our long-term memory). The tutorial went into detail about how we can use colour while revising and how to categorise information. Overall the tutorial was colourful example of how to make revision meaningful and it was a brilliant experience that can help me to progress.” Gregory Didier 16, AS Computer Science
  • “Very informative and helped me relax about my upcoming exams.” Maisie, 16.
  • “So helpful! I’m going to use this for every exam!” Lorna, 16.

  • “I thought it was very helpful and has helped me structure my revision.” Emily, 16.
  • “I feel less nervous and I have more motivation to revise.” Chloe, 15.

  • “A valuable lesson. I feel more relaxed than before.” Cam, 16.

“I thought it was very useful – a revolutionary revision technique!” Beth, 16.

“It was a very interesting session and Stuart made a very daunting task seem fun and meaningful. He explained how the brain and memory work and this helped me to understand the specification and topics better. I also think the tips given on revision were very useful and will help in the future for any of my exams. The one aspect that I feel would be the most useful is the patterns of topics in exam questions. ” Samuel Davies 16, AS Computer Science

The Rainbow Revision book can be bought from Amazon here. Sessions can be booked by emailing