AnyWorld gets lots of great feedback from each of our project sessions. Here’s a flavour of what teachers and pupils have been saying:

PiProjectBox Coding Workshops:

  • “Interesting and fun.” Damien, 10.
  • “It was awesome!” Joseph, aged 8

  • “Fun and beneficial.” Kelsie, aged 16
  • “Fun and I learnt a lot.” James, 9.


Teacher Coding CPD Workshops:

  • “User friendly and an effective way of teaching code.” Sion Llyr Hughes, teacher.
  • “I would recommend it to teachers because it is a fun way to learn something new.” Rachael Jackson, Techniquest Glyndwr.

  • “Boosts confidence and knowledge.” Backy Mollsion White, teacher.
  • “Clear, great resources and time to experiment and play.” Andrew Davis, teacher.

  • “Ideas for use in the classroom.” Tania Lloyd, teacher.
  • “Informative session on an interesting subject.” Josh Henley, teacher.

  • “Very informative and hands-on. Accessible for all levels of ability.” Cerian Farrant, Techniquest Glyndwr.
  • “Easy to understand and useful.” Darren Murray, teacher.


Rainbow Revision Sessions:

  • “What made the sessions powerful was that students left the session with a better understanding on how human memory and recall of past knowledge works and therefore learners gained an increased awareness on reasons for choosing efficient revision techniques and planning. The workshop has a strong hands-on element where the learners engage with the subject matter (e.g. specification and past exam questions) in such a way that revision does not need to be daunting any longer. Students are guided on how to organise their revision in terms of topics, content, time and commitment. They left the workshop feeling better equipped to develop the revision technique and felt more confident because they now have tools to refer back to when revising for exams.”  Karina Pittoors, Lecturer Computer Science

  • “Very informative and helped me relax about my upcoming exams.” Maisie, 16.
  • “So helpful! I’m going to use this for every exam!” Lorna, 16.

  • “I thought it was very helpful and has helped me structure my revision.” Emily, 16.
  • “I feel less nervous and I have more motivation to revise.” Chloe, 15.

  • “A valuable lesson. I feel more relaxed than before.” Cam, 16.
  • “I thought it was very useful – a revolutionary revision technique!” Beth, 16.